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A modern hotel in Świnoujście

Aquart Świnoujście is a hotel building located at 35 Bolesława Chrobrego Street. It will house 151 apartments of various sizes, the vast majority of which will be approx. 32 m2.

The top two floors will house larger apartments with a floor area between 50 m2 and 60 m2.

A swimming pool area and a restaurant have been planned in the building.

Aquart Świnoujście is located at Chrobrego Street in Świnoujście, in the immediate vicinity of the seaside promenade - the main pedestrian passage, and at Uzdrowiskowa Street.

Against the background of neighboring apartment buildings, the investment project is distinguished by modern architecture with plant elements on the facade, perfect design referring to the original assumptions of seaside spas and exceptional attention to detail.

Locations' prestige: Seaside District, a short walk to the beautiful, sandy, wide beach. All the attractions of the resort at your fingertips.

Hotel apartments: design, luxury, style

Privacy and silence are other attributes of Aquart Świniujscie. All apartments are equipped with spacious terraces, which ensure intimacy of use thanks to the "second skin" of the façade in the form of openwork partitions made of vegetation or wooden vertical lamellas.

The unique design of the apartments deserves special attention. Stylish furnishings, natural colors, high-quality fabrics, extraordinary attention to detail - all this is a promise of a great, luxurious rest.

Interior design refers to the main ideas of the project. Natural materials, greenery, and attention to acoustics are important qualities of the interior of the common and private parts of the complex.

Beautiful lobby, great restaurant, SPA zone

Right at the entrance to the building, on level 0, there will be a comfortable reception desk and a comfortable lobby. The restaurant will be located on level -1. The unusual atmosphere of the restaurant's interior is due to the excellent design as well as an excellent solution: here we will find a skylight and an outside garden. The Spa Zone, as an independent part, will be located on floor -1. It will accommodate a swimming pool, jacuzzi and saunas with a recessed outdoor garden, the so-called English garden, providing access to natural light and an intimate and semi-private space for relaxation.

Invest in Aquart Świnoujście: earn money on renting or enjoy your own apartment

Perfect solution: invest and earn money at the seaside
As the owner, you invest your funds safely. In the long run, seaside properties are gaining in value. Thus, a wide range of possibilities opens up: your own apartment in the center of a prestigious resort, an apartment for rent that you manage yourself or delegate these responsibilities to the operator in order to profit from the rental.

Packages of investment benefits in Aquart Świnoujście:

You buy an apartment selected for yourself - you get the perfect apartment in a great location, enjoy the comfort, use the attractions of the complex.
You buy an apartment for rent. You hand over its management to a professional operator indicated by us, who takes care of its maximum occupancy so that you can derive maximum profits from the investment.
The information provided is for promotional purposes only and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Art. 66 § 1 of the Civil Code.

Detailed calculations for the selected premises are available in the appropriate calculation in the [spreadsheet / investment calculator] ”.

Recognized studio, impressive experience

and the project is the responsibility of the well-known project-oriented Medusa Group, which has won numerous awards, including: European Property Awards 2020-2021 in the Best Hotel Interior Poland & Europe category for Hotel The Bridge Wrocław. Its portfolio includes, among others, Hotel Nobu Warsaw, Hotel The Bridge Wrocław, as well as Hala Koszyki in Warsaw, where Medusa Group was responsible for the interior of the hall and land development.

Medusa Group is an interdisciplinary design studio founded in 1997 in Silesia by Przemo Łukasik and Łukasz Zagała. Over the past twenty years, the team of young architects has significantly expanded the scope of its activities, gaining specialist experience and becoming one of the most recognizable design brands in Poland and abroad. The operations are located in two cities in Poland: Bytom and Warsaw, and it also operates in London as Medusa London Limited.
The studio's projects have won numerous awards in architectural competitions and exhibitions in Poland and abroad.
What really distinguishes Medusa Group is the ability to create projects that closely correspond to their immediate environment and which are within the budget. Close cooperation with artists representing various arts gives this architecture an absolutely unique character. With projects such as the Maximum showroom in Castellarano, Italy, Infinity Pool House in Jamaica, a residential development in Vallencienne, France, the New York Tribeca apartment and the conversion of the Empire House, an old industrial building, into a creative office space in London, Medusa Group is successfully expanding its activities for international markets.

Location and surroundings


The unique location makes Świnoujście one of the most popular and most visited resorts. The island location is attractive at any time of the year. Beautiful historic architecture is intertwined here with spectacular, modern architecture.

Thanks to the deeply rooted culture of international shipping and the perfect network of land connections with Polish and German cities, Świnoujście tends to be a promising, friendly, open city, full of new opportunities.


The visualizations, animations and building models presented on the website have the form similar to the final object, i.e. they may differ from the target, actual appearance of the buildings and their development, the surroundings, in particular in terms of color and design. The characteristics of the service and the functionality of the buildings will not change significantly.

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