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Informations about company

Green House Development means a broad spectrum of operations on the real estate market, which are linked by one idea. From the modern housing estates and apartment buildings, through the hotels, and ending up with the commercial spaces, each time we hand over the places that are a promise of new better life quality to You.

We create the world, in which you can live in an easier, more convenient, simply, more pleasant way – the world, in which you develop Your passions, relax, celebrate each moment spent among your close relatives and friends. Regardless of how your dreams about a better life look like, we create spaces that help realise them.

We design with the future in mind, while combining aesthetic values with functionality and durability. Each time we carefully select a location of our investments considering comfort of their everyday use. We construct using the state-of-art. technologies, tried and tested materials. All of this in harmony with the environment and with respect for the natural environment. Nevertheless, every time is developed something more than just a building – we create a unique atmosphere, friendly space open to Your world and a need to live your life to the fullest. It is a mission of our company and an objective of our activities.

Your trust and satisfaction are of the highest importance for us. In spite of the already acquired knowledge and experience, we still develop ourselves, follow the latest architectural trends, search for the best aesthetic inspirations and the most advantageous solutions in order to be able to offer You the spaces of the highest quality – of new life quality.


Green House Development is a development company with several year of experience on the real estate market. It has 100% of the Polish capital and cooperates with the Polish entrepreneurs. Our investments are characterised by high quality of the workmanship and attractive appearance. We attach great importance to details, a high level of functionality, aesthetics and a distinguishing, modern stylisation. Therefore, we were awarded with such distinctions as the following titles: “Najlepsza Jakość Quality International 2015”, “Rzetelna Firma” (“Reliable Company”) and we won a prestigious “Jakość Roku 2013” (“Quality of the Year 2013”) award. We were also hounded with the emblems: “Deweloper roku 2012” (“Developer of the Year 2012”) and “Deweloper roku 2014” (“Developer of the Year 2014”).


We gain trust thanks to a professional attitude towards the investments and customer. While realising the projects we try to exercise due care to finish them on the planned date. 95% of our customers have evaluated very well the residential premises built by us. Most of them would recommend our company to their friends and members of their families. The realised investments and opinions of our customers are our best showcase, because due to them we build our reputation.

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