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Wave Międzyzdroje Resort & SPA - a pool of finished apartments now on sale

Only now, Wave Międzyzdroje Resort & SPA offers a range of luxuriously finished apartments. The highest floors and the highest quality.

Wave Międzyzdroje Resort & SPA is undoubtedly associated with luxury. Now we have also introduced it into the interiors of selected apartments, which we finished to a hotel standard. This means you can purchase a space ready to live in. And it's an extraordinary space, finished with the utmost care, using the best materials and noble accessories. Interior designer Alicja Przybylska Grabowska made every effort to ensure that these spaces were not only comfortable and timeless, but also reflected the spirit of their location - thanks to natural colors and original accessories, the space refers to the seaside beach. However, refined finishes and noble materials emphasize the modern architecture of the resort itself. The icing on the cake is the breathtaking view that makes every moment in the apartment unique.

Benefit packages:

  • You buy a selected, finished apartment for yourself - you get a perfect apartment with a stunning view in a great location
  • Investment apartments: also available in the option with rental management: revenue split 30/70*

Call and get more information!

Tel. 667 – 227 – 277

*The information presented is for promotional purposes only and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Art. 66 § 1 of the Civil Code. The promotion applies to selected premises, detailed calculations for the selected premises are available at the sales office

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